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A movement to entertain voters who are waiting in line so they stay in line and vote!

Leading up to Election Day (November 3, 2020) I've been thinking about ways to ensure everyone who is eligible votes. Voter registration is important. Establishing a voting plan: important. Knowing your polling place: important. But what happens once you get there—if you do choose to vote in person this Election Day?


The lines I saw at polling places in 2016 in NYC were loooong. While we have early voting this year, there are fewer polling places due to COVID-19. Things are similar across the country. What does this mean for voters? LONG. LINES.


I started getting worried that the lines will be so long, people will get impatient and give up before voting.

How do you keep people waiting around? YOU ENTERTAIN THEM!


Introducing: #SingingOnQueue, a movement to entertain voters at polling places across the United States to keep them in line (a.k.a. on queue) and excited to vote!

Across the nation, performers will visit their nearest polling place for pop-up performances throughout the day. You never know when a Tony Award winner, Broadway pro, TV star or your favorite ensemblist might just show up to sing an intimate set just for you, so stay in line and VOTE!


If you are a performer and are interesting in joining the movement, fill out the #SingingOnQueue survey.

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